Sports! The Podcast Week 7

For the 2nd week in a row the guys had technical problems, but we got it done! This week the format script wouldn’t load so the guys are doing it on the fly which made it one of the more eclectic episodes yet!
Intro: 0:00
3:10 QBs + QB game
8:50 Jamies vs Marriotta
13:28 Mahomes & Russell Wilson
17:32 Minshew Minute
19:50 Joe Mixon
22:16 Eckler & Gordon
25:00 Keenan Allen
27:48 NFL trades
29:00 Prediction for week 7
31:30 Niners/Pats!
32:30 BREAKING TRADE NEWS! The guys break down the Ramsey trade on the fly
34:41 Buys and Sells
37:53 TE game
44:01 Answering your fantasy questions
57:28 Jason’s wacky news
1:49:00 Mike has another game on the fly

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