Superbowl Prop Bets Pod


Mike and Jason start off by catching up on what they’ve missed.

2:10 min they touch on if replays should be reviewed in the NFL.

8:55 What would Wentz cost via trade?

9:50 What will the story of 2019 be?

11:00 Is there collusion in MLB free agency?

13:00 Who should be the Hard Knocks team next season?

14:48 Would you watch the NFL is they took tackling away?

16:59 Would you take Kyler Murray with a 1st round NFL pick?

19:20 Takes on Mariano Rivera’s unanimous HOF vote.

22:28 Mike’s half-baked idea about creating Internet Police.

26:34 Should non-patriots fans be appreciating what they’re witnessing?

28:30 What would the Buffalo Bills be like now if Trump got to buy them?

30:55 Super Bowl Prop Bets. Mike wants to make 25-prop bets with Jason’s help.

Give us your thoughts @Sportsthetweets and sportsthepodcast@gmail

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