Lost McKinnon? Who’s the best replacement?

Well shit. The season hasn’t even started and you lost one of your starting rb. Don’t fret. First of all, look st your league and see who is deep at RB and see what their needs are maybe make a move.

*bare with me on grammar on this post. I’m writing this instant take on my phone at my in-laws*

However, you have have to check the waivers. When it comes to SF guys, I lean strongly for Breida over Morris. Breida has had more receptions last year (his rookie year) than Morris has ever had. Morris knows the scheme but he’s not the player he once was. He may get goal line and even the bulk of the carries but Breida is more explosive and more fun to own.

But there are better options out there. Look at these back fields.

I’m going by who could be available based on fantasy pros ADP. These guys are drafted later than the 30th rb.

Patriots: I love the role James White will have this year and Rex Burkhead. They not will have versatile roles and even line up at wr. Also, they spend a 1st round pick on Sony Michel. It’s hard to tell how the Pats will use their RBs but based on their lack of WRs, expect all RBs to have bigger roles.

Colts: it seems more and more like Wilkins will have a significant role and Hines is a good receiver and will have a role on special teams too. Of course Mack is a safer but not exciting bet.

Browns: I love Duke Johnson. He’s one of the best reviving backs in football. They also have Chubb and Hyde. I think Hyde is the lead guy for now but Johnson has himself a valuable role. We’ve seen how much Tyrod passes to his back and if it’s not him, it’s a rookie qb.

Others: Gio Bernard, Theo Riddick, Tavon Austin. I recommend them in that order. Gio and Theo have set roles, they can line up all over, catch the ball and make plays. Austin is different. He’s a wild card. Who knows what he can do? But he does have the 2nd most explosive upside on the Cowboys. He’s a flyer. But maybe they can finally use him correctly.

It sucks you lost McKinnon but not all is lost. These guys can be serviceable and be found pretty cheap.

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