Choosing MLB Nicknames? Be Better

This upcoming weekend is Player’s Weekend in MLB. Now not every player is given great nicknames like “The Big Unit” or ” Johnny “Ugly” Dickshot, so what happens when players need to submit their own nicknames?

So of the Sports The Website staff gave their best and worst for this weekend.




Ok, this is from this weekend. But Big Al has taken the national pastime by storm! Our own Patrick Magnus is trying to find his jersey everywhere. SO I had to at least give him a shout out.

But on to the MLB players

Brad Boxberger:🎁🍔

This is the best one. I like guys getting creative, but I hate them just using their last name. However, Boxberger found the loophole. Emoji’s. Emoji’s are interesting, are they still cool? Are we using them ironically? Have they gone from cool, to ironic, back to cool?

Yasmani Grandal: “YAZMANIAN DEVIL”

Solid Pun. Best Looney Toon. I think if Taz was to play baseball, catcher would be his best position. Also, I own a Space Jam jersey. Obviously, I have Taz’s.

Ranking of Looney Tunes

  1. Taz
  2. Playboy Penguin
  3. Egghead Jr.
  4. Lola Bunny
  5. Wow. There are a lot of Looney Tunes that would be found as offensive these days…

Cam Bedrosian: “BEDROCK”

This could be a Flintstone reference, but I hope it’s a Young Money reference. Let’s make this contingent on one this. His entrance song is “Bedrock”. Most important thing to take out of this post is that I love Nicki Minaj, and she sounds and looks great in this video. I like Lil Wayne too, in fact, I like most people involved in this song, except Drake, and even JR Smith has a cameo in the video.



Honorable mentions

  • Adam Engel: “MAN OF STEAL”
  • Tyler Glasnow: “MINI HORSE”


Yasiel Puig – “WILD HORSE”: He’s wild, he risked everything to play baseball in the States, and he cannot be domesticated.He’s also entertaining as all hell. Be free horse, be wild, be free, and lick your bat like it’s your last.  


Jesse Winker: “WINK”: This one feels weird, but I like it.
EDIT NOTE: What’s better “Wild Horse” or “Mini Horse”?


I absolutely love that players went all out on the puns this year. As a lover of puns i appreciate a good pun and especially when your name is involved. Here is my definitive rankings of players pun names:

  1. Pico De Gallo – Joey Gallo
  2. Baby Dahl – David Dahl
  3. Manaealtor – Sean Manaea
  4. Game Ender – Ender Inciarte
  5. All Starlin – Starlin Castro
  6. Estratosphere – Marco Estrada
  7. Yazmanian Devil – Yasmani Grandal
  8. Kenleyfornia – Kenley Jansen
  9. Ground Chuck – Charlie Morton
  10. Tone Ranger – Tony Watson




Mike Trout: “KIIIIID”

First of all, Griffey is “The Kid”. You’re a great player but if you ever want to rank above Griffey as all-time centerfielders you’ve gotta differentiate yourself and get out of the shadow. Secondly, that’s too many I’s.


Greg Bird: “BIRD”, Jacoby Ellsbury: “ELLSBURY”, Brett Gardner: “GARDNER”, Aaron Judge: “JUDGE”. Seems like a bunch of Twins did this too.


Nate Jones: “NATE’S NATION”

Maybe this is reference to something I’m missing? I goggled all of these and all that came up for Nate’s Nation is a YouTube channel. Ending fandoms with “Nation” got old almost a decade ago.


Honorable mentions

  • Jakob Junis: “JUNE BUG”
  • Heath Hembree: “HEATER HERE”



  • All the players that went with just their last names. Be better than that.


What do you think? Who has the best nickname? Who has the worst?

For more nickname talk, listen to the Seams To Me podcast coming out this week.

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