An Incredible (2) Review

After fourteen years of waiting in between installments, we were finally gifted with the sequel to possibly the greatest superhero movie of the 21st century. The Incredibles 2 hit theaters and smashed box office records (sorry Frozen), and will end up on the all time list of grossing Pixar movies.

But it’s predecessor had in Pixar’s normally core emotional pull, the sequel lacked that same feeling. A movie at its core about family felt lacking in some respects. There was a lack of wonder, of depth… of being incredible. The Incredibles 2 was a good movie, a fine sequel, and had laughs and action and suspense and great set pieces. The script was good, the plot points held together, and the “twist” at the end was telegraphed just a bit but not so overtly that you weren’t a bit shocked.

It was a fine movie – but it wasn’t a great movie, and I think that may have more to say about Pixar movies in general than this one in particular. We come to expect from Pixar a combination of kid friendly entertainment with subtle complexities for adults that wow and amaze us. However, this sequel felt like a sequel – the same way Iron Man 2 feels like a second Iron Man and not its own movie. It was highly entertaining, and a lot of fun for a summer blockbuster, but it won’t go down on the list of all time Pixar greats.

Let’s talk about what was fun though – and it’s that Jackjack vs the Racoon fight we never knew we needed. Or maybe Mr. Incredible doing all the wrong dad moves in trying to repair a teen relationship for Violet. Or trying to help Dash with his “new math” homework. Or the entire Elastigirl plot-line. The entire movie was fun and wonderful and maybe 15 minutes too long but that’s quite alright.

It’s a good movie, just not a great Pixar movie.

Editor’s note: I HAD to add one of my favorite videos over… – Mike

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