Mike’s Mailbag NBA Draft Edition

Instead of doing another Mock Draft. I decided to dive into another mailbag. Tomorrow we’ve got a lot to record. So I may as well take it easy tonight…

I do believe this will be one of the crazier NBA draft night’s we’ve seen. I expect at least 4 trades in the 1st round.

May as well call me Jacques-Yves Cousteau  because I’m diving in…

Who’s the biggest star to get moved on Thurs?

I think the biggest star to get moved is Kemba Walker. The #8 pick, Larry Nance, and Cedi Osman. That’s probably not quite enough but they can bring in a 3rd team if needed. The way Kawhi Leonard has tanked his value will make him hard to move. They may get more at the deadline.


Where does Luka end up?

Most likely, Atlanta. There are at least 4 teams trying to move up. Including the Celtics and the Clippers. I can’t find the tweet I saw that mentioned the other teams. Either Sac is smoke screening and really love him. Or he’ll be available @ 3. If he’s there at 3, Atlanta’s phone is going to be busy. They say they’ve focused on him, but I bet a team will blow them away. The Celtics could easily. But do they want to?

The Clippers could offer 12 & 13 to move up. That’s probably not enough but they could include Tobias Harris for 3 and Kent Bazemore.

The Mavs are working hard to move up. How about #3, Bazemore & Miles Plumlee for Harrison Barnes and #5? I don’t hate that deal. Most of Jackson , Porter, Bamba, Young, and Carter will be there.


I’m hearing they (Knicks) want to trade up for Bamba… 2 hours ago it was Bridges…

Well this isn’t really phrased as a question. So in mailbag and jeopardy, you’re questionable. But they can prob get Bridges at 7. Cleveland is a threat at 8. However, if they NEED Mamba, I bet Orlando would trade back and still get Trae Young at 9. But what do they have to give up? Frank Ntilikina? Is that worth it? I don’t think so. Maybe including next year’s first but that’s not worth it either. I think their best bet is to pick at 9, someone good will be there. If both those guys are gone, I bet Knox would grow on you… Or even trade down. Maybe the Celts 1st and a future first. If I were the Knicks I’d take 27 and Sacramento’s pick next year. I can’t imagine it’s not a top-6 pick next year. Or Atlanta for 19 and 30. If they traded back with ATL they could take Troy Brown and Melvin Frazier and in a year they’d have one of the more exciting defensive teams.


How do the Cavs get Kawhi?

I don’t see it happening. Especially because I see the Cavs getting Kemba. But it would cost Love to get Kawhi. I’m not sure what the Spurs get out of Kevin Love. I guess a value for Kawhi who has killed his own value. The Spurs best 3 players would be Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Pau Gasol. It would be interesting roster construction. It’d be cool to have all 3 on the court at one time, but they’d get burned on D.

One trade that would work money wise in George Hill for Kawhi. It’d be a rip-off. But I’d be funny being the same player they gave up for his rights.


The Suns are taking Ayton at 1. Who do they take at 16?

I think they trade that pick. And end up with Terry Rozier. However, they may trade back with Atlanta (who has 19) and also pick up 30. So 1 they take Ayton. 19 they get Rozier and 30… that’s tough. A lot will happen before then. But if Melvin Frazier drops to them it would be a great steal. And steals is something Frazier knows a lot about. He’s a menace on defense and he’s steadily improved his offensive game and scouts rave of his acumen. He’ll need to grow offensively but he’s already ready on D. If they don’t make those trades Zhaire Smith may be a target, although, I think he’s over hyped and his shot looks funny. They’re more in need of a wing maybe Kevin Huerter. But I’d really consider trading back for Fraizer.

But how awesome would it be to bring in Ayton, Rozier, and Frazier to add to Devin Booker and Marquese Chriss.


Let’s hope for a crazy night Thursday. The NBA draft is one of the more exciting days of the year.

Thanks for the questions! To get in next weeks email us at sportstheemail @ gmail or tweet at @sportsthetweets

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