Luka Dreams of Aniston. I Dream of Luka…

There’s been plenty of rumors this offseason and almost all of them include either the Celtics or the Lakers. And since I’m living in the middle of Boston sports-talk radio waves, my favorite one today is that the Celtics are infatuated with Luka Doncic (as am I).

Let me start with the obvious. If we hear about Luka and the Celtics then they won’t get Luka.

The most important news about Luca came out today. That in his 5 goals in the next 5 years in the NBA. One of them is to “shoot his shot” with Jennifer Aniston. That’s probably the most lovable thing about Luka out of all his lovable things.


No one told him life was gonna be this way…

So how can the Celtics get a pick that high? By following the rumors that’s how…

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 5.05.28 PM

1st of all, rumor has it that Denver would give up 14 to get out of Faried‘s contract. However, if it takes including the Celtics 1st rounder (27) this year (even include next years too…), so be it.

Side note: I don’t really know why they want to move this contract so much? Yeah, he doesn’t play much for them but there’s only 1 year left. An expiring should be worth something…

To be able to take the money, they have to give up some money too. Part of the deal is including Ojeleye and Yabusele. Both 1st year players on cheap deals. Ojeleye has already proven himself useful in the league as a cheap 3 and D guy. Yabusele, not so much. He’s shown flashes on being able to hang at the end of the bench in the NBA but we need a few more years to see what he can be.

But the real key is bringing in Phoenix as a 3rd team. Another rumor is that the Suns would give up 16 for Rozier. As the other piece, the Celtics can either sign and trade Baynes or include Morris. (for the sake of the argument I put Baynes because Morris left Pho on bad terms.) They can bring a 4th team for Morris if they have to. Plus Baynes would be a great veteran presence for the Suns.

Side note: I don’t know if any of these rumors are true, or just smoke. So that could easily blow this up.

So in this deal the Celtics would get 14, 16, and Faried (and his contract…) (and get some 2nds thrown in to fill roster) and they’d give up Ojeleye, Yabusele, Baynes, and Rozier.

In this offseason they may consider moving Morris as well to open up $ to sign their picks (if needed).

Now the Celtics will have 14, 16, 27 this year and up to 4 1st rounders next year (Memphis, Sacramento, Boston, Clippers).

As each pick that goes by that Luka isn’t taken, I’d call the team and offer them as many of the picks in the next 2 years that it takes, with the exception of next year’s Sacramento pick. How about 14, 16, and next years Memphis?

It’s probably an overpay but the Celtics don’t have room for all these pics. Next season the Celtics have Irving, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, Horford, Smart (maybe), Faried (after this trade) and Marcus Morris. That’s already 8 very good players. Plus whoever they draft. In the short-term Luka can run the 2nd unit. In the long-term he could be the Kyrie replacement if he leaves in free agency (or if he’s traded. Porzingis?). Either way, this leads to positionless basketball with every player (except maybe Faried).

Ainge has great success finding useable players in the 2nd round (Powe, Moore, Davis, Nader, Ojeleye, Ryan Gomes, Kris Joseph, Jackson).

Let my final point be that THESE DEALS WON’T HAPPEN. However, they’d be wise to start consolidating assets and someone like Luka would be an exciting player maker surrounded by so many scorers.

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