Things! The Podcast. Westworld OG 2.8


Mike and Zeke are joined by Jeni to talk about Westworld 2.8 Kiksuya. They touch on the important question… Can you hear my old dog? In Westworld would you bang, kill, and fight all at the same time? Is MIB spreading an STD? Maeve, maze, maize, is it all tied together? All this and more on this episode!

We’ve changed our format, tried to make it more free-flowing, most of the recapping at the begging, and more conversational. Please let us know what you think of the changes.

Contact us @sportsthetweets. or thingsthepodcast@gmail.com

Theme song courtesy of FREAKABOUT. Their song “Use You” off their album “Don’t We All”. Look for their new album BABEZOOKA on your favorite streaming services


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