Mike’s Mailbag 6/7/18

It’s a day late, it’s been a crazy week. Expect a new Seams To Me posted any day now. I’m currently watching a weird game with a pitcher making his MLB debut for the Sox with JD in right and Travis in left. So I thought I’d get this mailbag out.

What are you binging?

I just finished rewatching The Wire. And just went through the new season of Kimmy Schmidt. Now I’m currently binging Silicon Valley. I’m currently on season 4.


@TheGreenMagnus asks…

Can Mike say something nice about Hanley Ramirez? Can he comfort me in this time of loss?

First of all congratulations! I hope fatherhood is treating you well.

Secondly, love your work.


To your question. Welp… I was very sad when he was first traded from the Sox in the Beckett/Lowell deal. As a 5-tool infielder he was one of my favorite players and consistent 1st round fantasy pick. Led me to plenty of titles. I don’t really love him getting DFA’d but I didn’t want the option to vest and I do want Swihart getting more Abs. They’ll miss him in the playoffs though. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up with a competitor.


What’s the next big thing you’re waiting for?

Uhhhh…. I honestly have no idea. There’s a Lily Allen concert I’d like to see in Boston. I think the biggest thing I’m waiting is our media network to get going big time…

LeBron to Boston?

1) I don’t believe Boston will take him (they’d have to move too many pieces, one would almost have to be Kyrie, and we’ve seen him kill coaches/management).

2) It’s just something that was floated out there for clicks.

3) LeBron just wants to get told how much teams want him and I think partially wants Kyrie’s team to bow to him.

I can’t imagine anywhere in the East that can afford him that would still be a favorite over the Celts.

You’ve talked about Vlad so much. When’s he getting the call?

Rumor has it, it’ll be this month. Stock up now! I’m so excited for his time. I don’t think a call up in contingent on Donaldson.




That’s all the questions I got this week. Email sportstheemail@gmail or tweet @sportsthetweets


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