Mike’s Mailbag 5/30/18

Reader feedback is something important to Sports! The Website. So I figured I’d start a weekly mailbag column where I’d answer questions about anything! We’ve reached out to Facebook and twitter to get your questions. Since this is my first one, most of my questions came from direct messages but keep the questions coming via email sportstheemail@gmail.com


Can the first pitch of any baseball game be a changeup?

This is a tricky question. There are two separate ways to think about it.

  1. Strategically: No. The first pitch can never be a change up because what are you changing up? The idea of a change up is changing the velo of the pitch so you catch the batter off guard. It almost makes me wonder if anyone has ever thrown a “change up” as the first pitch and how it worked out.
  2. Logistically: Yes. When it comes to throwing a “change up” (the quotes make a big difference) it can be thrown first because the name of the particular pitch is a “change up” where the pitcher holds the ball in a certain way to throw this specific pitch. So the opening pitch can be called a change up but the pitch at the same time is not a change up.

To wrap it up, I lean more towards point one. So no, a 1st pitch can’t be a change up.

Greatest movie villain of all time?

Tough. I’m more into TV villains than movie villains. TV gives characters so much more depth. Gus Fring and Ben Linus are my favorite two. When it comes to movies, I can’t help but say Bodhi from Point Break. He’s a complex character but also a chill dude that I’d love to party with. All he wants to do is chase the waves. Heath Ledger’s Joker is pretty good. And Sheriff Brody from JAWS is pretty good too.

hero_eb20000820reviews088200301arJust let the shark live his life!

In the future would you be ok with androids playing sports?

I don’t think so. I strongly fear technology but it’s not even for that reason. I assume androids would be programmed to be the best possible athletes. So wouldn’t all bots be equal in athletics? Also, I love using analytics to predict outcomes, but this would almost take the fun out of that. It’d basically have to be predetermined. Kiss sports gambling goodbye.

Superhero fantasy draft you got the 3rd pick. Superman and Batman went 1-2… Who are you taking at 3?

I need more context to this question. Are we talking about in a fight? If that’s the case, no way I’d take Batman that high. (PS I don’t have deep comic knowledge). Aren’t there some superheroes that are gods (see Thor)? But as a kid, the comics I read the most were X-Men or Wolverine comics. My fav character was Gambit. My crush as a kid was Rogue from the cartoon. With all that said, I’d choose one of the Phoenix iterations.


wah wah wee wah

Favorite video game of all time?

I was N64 through and through. That’s where I first played Madden. I love Ken Griffey Baseball 64. Golden Eye and Mario Kart were great. But my top-2 would have to be Mario Tennis on N64 (I am the greatest you’ll ever see) and Toejam and Earl on SEGA. The latter is my all-time favorite. And I play it on some emulators but some of the controls are whack.

NINTENDO64--Mario Tennis_Jan16 20_00_25

Boo is a trickster you cannot beat!

Well, there you have it. My first mailbag article on this site.  What are you thoughts on these questions? Tweet me your answers to @sportsthetweets or reply in the comments.

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  1. Batman’s Super Power is money and the fact that hes a genius and the best detective in the world. So he will just find a way to kill a God. He certainly taught Superman a lesson!!


  2. Batman’s Superpower is that he is the richest man in the world, combined with that hes a genius and the greatest detective to ever live! So no matter what he will find a way to beat you and has the money to back it up! He certainly taught Superman a lesson!! In the comics he is the one who dies, but its just an act. He can even fake his own death while simultaneously fucking up a God! Moral of the story….#BatmanRules


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