Swihart Of Gold

If you listen to the Seams To Me podcast, you know my love for very long post hype sleepers. Two that I often reference are Profar and Swihart.

This week Blake Swihart’s agent asked the Red Sox to explore a trade. But does he have any value?


Value. Yes. But not much. If the Red Sox can prove that he can be serviceable behind the plate he can be very useful. Offensively, Swihart was supposed to set the pace for a new wave of catchers. Based on his injuries, position switches, and who knows what else, he hasn’t lived up to that hype.

So far this season Swihart has only has 32 ABs and 1 inning behind the plate. If the Red Sox can’t shop his as a catcher, his value is zero. Boston needs to find him a role. Can’t he be the personal catcher for one of the pitchers? He can work with that one pitcher and maybe that consistency will improve him behind the plate. Get him at bats too. The problem is where would he play in Boston? Even as a utility, he won’t have a lot of places in the lineup.

Now if he can get any type of value, where can he go?

A few obvious choices are the Nationals and the Twins. A Swihart for Profar trade would be one I would love, but I’m not sure it works much. So back to the Nationals and Twins. The Nationals just announced that Wieters is going to have surgery, Which leaves Severino as the sole catcher with any experience. And the Twins lost Castro for the rest of the season. Even if Swihart is the back up for both of them, he can maybe play a game or 2 a week at catcher and then be a utility man.

The Red Sox have two options, bring in a veteran without much value or a low prospect. Either would be a fine choice, what they’re getting from Swihart is very little. From the Nationals could they get Koda Glover? A young reliever, who like Swihart has been inconsistent and is currently injured. This could maybe give them a spark plug in the pen, and maybe he could be around for a while. If they don’t want to give up youth, maybe Madson or Kelley could be had. With the Twins? Possibly they could get Addison Reed back. If they could get prospects, maybe Cole Freeman from the Nats, their 25th prospect. He could be a replacement for Pedrioa. From the Twins? Yunior Severino their 30th ranked prospect. He’s a long way away.

Would any of these players get moved for Swihart? Maybe. I still think he’s worth the gamble. Especially if you’re giving up a low prospect, or a replaceable reliever.

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