Your Guide to the 2018 Summer Movie Season


Do you live and die by the the newest Pixar animated movie? Are you first in line at IMAX for the latest Superhero installment? Are you looking for something to do on a Friday night? Have no fear, for the Sports the Website staff has assembled a guide for your Summer Movie Season. We’re going to preview each and every movie (that we feel like) coming out between the middle of May and the end of August. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Your blog post starts in 3… 2… 1…


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deadpool 2

Movie:                                 Deadpool 2

Relase Date:                      May 18th, 2018

Why you should see it: If you love superhero movies, raunchy comedy, or Ryan Renyolds, this is the movie for you.

Summary: This isn’t your friendly neighborhood Superhero movie, so make sure if you bring your kids, they’re wearing earmuffs. Deadpool took the world by storm when it came out on Valentines Day 2016. It’s heartwarming, yet violently comedic tone helped propel it to the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. 783 million reasons later, and a sequel was all but guaranteed. For those of you who are familiar with Comic’s Deadpool, this installment looks to be more focused on this long time frenemy Cable (the alternate future son of Gene Grey and Cyclops), and a mini-team branch off of the X-Men aptly named “X-Force”. With more mutants, more action and definitely more 4th wall breaks, Deadpool is a fantastic way to start off the Summer Movie Season.


Movie:                                   Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release Date:                       May 25th, 2018

Why you should see it:  If you are a Star Wars fan or don’t want to feel left out of the cultural zietgiest of being ableto talk about whether you loved or hated this movie (there will be no inbetween), then you should check this out.

Summary: As part of Dinsey’s effort to take over your life, Solo: A Star Wars story is the next anthology installment into the Star Wars Universe. Set before Episode IV: A New Hope, this movie will tell the tale of a young Han Solo and how he became one of the best pilots in the galaxy. If you’re itching for another space adventure, this movie is sure to be a lot of fun, but make sure to manage your expectations. This isn’t Rogue One, or even a regular Episode installment, and if the production problems and director issues are any indication, this could be a weaker entry into the franchise.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.10.57 AM.png



Movie:                                 Adrift

Release Date:                    June 1st, 2018

Why you should see it: Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin star in this Rom-Dram meets All is Lost sure to make you cry and probably never go deep sea sailing ever again.

Summary: In a “Based off a true story” motiff, Shailene Woodley’s character and her fiancé (played by Sam Clafin), embark on a sailing trip from Tahiti, but soon find themselves in the middle of a hurricane. The boats in ruins, I’m pretty sure Clafin is crazy injured, and their only hope is to sail to Hawaii and hope they get their in time (or at all). If you’re looking for a date night / romance at sea adventure, this is the flick for you.

oceans 8

Movie:                               Ocean’s 8

Release Date:                   June 8th, 2018

Why you should see it: It’s an Ocean’s movie, but with women. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Summary: What do you get when you take the #MeToo movement and combine it with Hollywood’s need to remake existing IP? You get a kick-butt group of Actors (Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rhianna, Helena Bonham carter, Mindy Kailing, Nora Lum, and Sarah Paulson) in what should be a fantastically fun heist movie. Going off of the Ocean’s trilogy of dudes who want to rob a casino, this movie will have dudets who want to rob the Met. It’s going to be quipy, it’s going to be thrilling, and it’s going to be fun.

incredibles 2.jpeg

Movie:                                 Incredibles 2

Release Date:                    June 15th, 2018

Why you should see it:  The first truly family friendly flick of the summer, this latest installment of Pixar is sure to be one of the best superhero movie of the summer.

Summary: After saving the world in Incredibles, superheroes are still not being supported in the way they used to. With the kids getting older, and Easticgirl being the focus of the new campaign to bring super’s back into the forefront, Mr. Incredible will have to take on the role of house dad. But the supers may need the help of the entire family to vanquish the newest villain.


Movie:                                Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Release Date:                   June 22nd, 2018

Why you should see it:  Dinosaurs – what could go wrong.

Summary: Following up on the billion dollar last installment, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return, but this time it’s not the people that are in danger, but the dinosaurs themselves. The island they are on has an active volcano that has decided to erupt, and its up to our two heroes to save them. But not all is as it seems, as the shady organization behind the raptor training program has other ideas for the dino’s. Rawr!


Movie:                                Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Release Date:                   June 29th, 2018

Why you should see it: Did you see the first Sicario? Do you like Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin? Are you a fan of Drug War movies? Then see this.

Summary: Josh Brolin’s character calls Del Toro’s Character to kidnap a drug kingpin’s daughter because that kingpin has been trafficking people across the boarder. It really doesn’t matter what the plot is, this movie is going to be dope if you’re into these types of character acting thrillers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.20.47 AM.png


Movie:                                The First Purge

Release Date:                   July 4th, 2018

Why you should see it: The only true horror movie of the summer, this is a prequel to the successful Purge franchise.

Summary:  Find out how the Purge all started with this prequel of sorts. That’s it, there’s really not much else to this. If you like horror movies, this is your day in the sun.


Movie:                                Ant-Man and the Wasp

Release Date:                   July 6th, 2018

Why you should see it: The Sequel to the underrated hit, Ant-man, this superhero action flick will focus more on the Wasp and less on the Ant-Man. It’s your only true Comic Book movie of the summer.

Summary: Taking place most likely after the events of Captain America: Civil War but before Avengers: Infinity War, take a trip with Scott Yang as he deals with house arrest and a new villain. But there to lend a helping hand is the Wasp, and all the adventures that may take them into the Quantum Realm.


Movie:                                Skyscraper

Release Date:                   July 13th, 2018

Why you should see it: In another installment of “The Rock vs.”, Dwayne Johnson takes on a fiery inferno in the worlds largest building.

Summary: An FBI agent must fight fire with… who knows, while trying to save his family from a burning building. But it’s not just any building, it’s the worlds largest building. Grab your popcorn and relax as The Rock takes you on a perfect mid summer adventure.


Movie:                                The Equalizer 2

Release Date:                   July 20th, 2018

Why you should see it: This is Denzel Washington’s first ever sequel. Watch him do Denzel things.

Summary:  Being unflinching in justice for the oppressed can be hard. Being that when it involves your family might be impossible. Denzel returns as the Equalizer, and if you saw the first one you know what to expect. If you didn’t see the first one, then you should probably do that.


Movie:                                Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Release Date:                   July 20th, 2018

Why you should see it: Did you come away from the first Mamma Mia! and say, “I really would love another one of these.” Then this is for you.

Summary: The cast returns in this sequel/prequel that will explore the young version of Donna. It’s another original musical based off the songs from ABBA.


Movie:                                Misison: Impossible – Fallout

Release Date:                   July 27th, 2018

Why you should see it: Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in the action packed franchise that’s sure to bring explosions and insane stunts.

Summary: The IMF team is in it again as a new enemy threatens to tear everything and everyone down around Ethan Hunt. A mission gone wrong? A race against time? Impossible stunts? Mission Accepted!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.14.10 PM.png


Movie:                                Disney’s Christpher Robin

Release Date:                   August 3rd, 2018

Why you should see it: Christopher Robin is all grown up, but this movie will bring you back to your childhood all over again.

Summary: Christopher Robin who is now an adult returns to the 100 acre wood. That’s basically all you need to know.


Movie:                                The Spy Who Dumpbed Me

Release Date:                  August 3rd, 2018

Why you should see it: Mila Kunas and Kate McKinnon star in this buddy film in the vein of Bad Mom’s and Bridesmaids.

Summary: Kunas and McKinnon get caught up in an international assassin plot where they must try and save the world all while dealing with ex-boyfriends and potential new love interests.


Movie:                                Alpha

Release Date:                   August 17th, 2018

Why you should see it: Boy befriends wolf and both need each other to survive. If the wolf dies, I’mma be hella mad.

Summary: Set 20,000 years in the past, a young boy befriends an injured wolf on their adventure back home. It’s the Marly and Me of the late 2010’s.

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