Red-y Player One

If you live somewhere cold you have nightmares of your car getting stuck in the snow. Just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. The more you spin, the more you get stuck. The real trick before you go forward in the first place you need to back up a little and getting a running start.


I hate snow. Maybe the reason baseball resonates with me is because the start of the baseball season is the furthest we have until the next snowstorm.

Sticking to my snow analogies; imagine working for the highway department and you’re hired to plow the streets. However, they didn’t give you a truck, they only gave you a shovel. What the hell?!? Now you shovel out the first street, and it takes for-ev-er and as you move on to the next street they fire you for not cleaning the snow as fast as the people with the plows. That’s the Reds. Both stuck in the snow and firing the guy with the shovel.

The Reds gave Price awful tools and fired him 18 games into the season. Why didn’t you make a move in the offseason then? Were you under the impression you were going to be good? This is a move that GM do when they fell they’re on the hot seat. Bring the manager back knowing you’ll fire him in the season to take the heat off of you. But this should be a strike AGAINST the GM.

Well, there’s no putting the snow back in the clouds, their car is in the snow, the wheels are spinning and there’s no going forward. They need to take a step back before it’s too late.

Minor league baseball has the Reds system outside of the top-10 with only 2 prospects given a grade of A.

So what should the Reds do?

  • The first step is simple but it’s the most important step for any team. Admit you’re rebuilding. Confucius said “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know”. Teams need to be self aware, knowing who you are.
  • On the same level, admit that the Billy Hamilton is over. Hamilton is 27, with a career average of .245 and an OBP of .331. Not good. Hamilton’s ideal role would be a 4th outfielder for a team competing. He can come in as a pinch runner, and stay in the outfield. And starting games to give the other outfielders a breather.


There aren’t a lot of teams that can make this move at the moment, but the Giants seem like a good fit. Despite their decimated system, they could give someone like Jacob Gonzalez, a guy out of their top-10 that’s a far ways away but could make an impact some day.

  • Bring up Senzel! I don’t think Senzel’s bat will be dynamic, I keep saying that I see his upside at absolute best as a poor man’s Scott Rolen. He’s gonna have a great glove and an adequate hit tool, with 25 hr pop. Between Senzel, Suarez, and Peraza they have a good young IF with versatility.
  • Get Winker regular playing time (see what’ you’ve got). Moving Hamilton will make this easier.
  • Sell vets with value besides Votto. Keep Votto, he’s a vet, a leader, and he’s currently the franchise. Let him groom the kids. But Scooter Gennett should have value around the league, Homer Bailey, and Adam Duvall. Don’t you think the Brewers would love to have Scooter back? Let’s get Erceg and Stokes? Wouldn’t Bailey look good in pinstripes (and almost any team), how about Medina and McKinney for him? And Duvall is a bat that can slide into any lineup. He’d best the 2nd or 3rd best hitter on the Twins if they think they can compete. Duvall isn’t a FA until 2022. How about Alex Kirilloff for Duvall? The biggest piece could be Rasiel Iglesias what team wouldn’t want to add to their bullpen? Look at Boston. Dembrowski loves trading prospects, what about Houck and Baldwin? What about Houston? Couldn’t you get Fisher for him? Mejia from Cleveland?


The Reds are far away. But they have young pitchers to build around. Castillo has ace potential, Romano, Mahle, and Finnegan can be middle rotation guys and Stephenson is a wildcard. Rebuilding the bullpen shouldn’t be too difficult. And once Senzel comes up the infield should be decent. Unfortunately the closest thing they have to a young outfielder is Winker. And Greene and Trammell show hope in the future. But no one in the lineup is dynamic. There is no threat. The easiest fix is getting power bats in the corner outfield. The best they can do is stock up on prospects, build up the system, and look for chances to develop or acquire power bats with a replenished system. And avoid the snow!

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