The Schadenfreude Report: 2018 NFL Draft Edition.

The Schadenfreude Report. Is where I go through and write about the bad fortunes of other’s that add’s a smile to people’s faces that posses schadenfreude (pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune). This report is on the 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

6). Lamar Jackson

I’m sorry Ms Jackson, is he for real?

The most hyped player in this draft. Where would he go? Would people draft up to take him?

I guess technically the Raven’s traded up to get him. But they traded out of 22 to get to 25, and took a 24-year old tight end who took a swing at baseball before deciding on football. Then when Jackson was still around at the end of the 1st, the Ravens acquired another pick.


How long until Jackson is a staring QB?

5). Derwin James dropped like he was thrown to Dez Bryant.

This year there weren’t many fallers but Derwin James was the highest projected player to drop out of the top-10 and get drafted at 17. James was mostly projected to get taken by the Bucs at 7, even though the Bucs traded down to 12, they still passed on him to take Veta Vea to add to their dangerous defensive line.


Drops on drops on drops

4). The New England Patriots night overall.

First of all, the AFC East saw two QBs added. The average New England QB at the moment is 36. And they were rumored to be interested in Frank Ragnow, who went 20th to Detroit and the Pats Defensive Coordinator last year, and then Vabrel and the Titans moved up to take Rashaan Evans at 22nd, another guy the Pats were rumored to.

The Pats in response took Wynn, a guard who may be tested at LT at 23. With their 31st pick they took Michel, a RB with a lot of skills, a lot of potential, but who is rumored to have knees with bone-on-bone, when the Ravens were trying to trade back into the 1st to take Lamar Jackson. I’d risk moving back to get more picks and hope Michel is there in round 2.


For the next pick, the Patriots draft Forrest Gump’s leg braces

3). New Orleans Saints overpayment

Saints gave up 27, 147, and a 2019 1st for #14.

When this trade came down everyone was thinking Lamar Jackson. That type of offer always means QB. However, the Saints moved up to take DE Marcus Davenport. Woof.


Saints, I have some healing plants to sell your players, give me a call.


2). Cleveland being Cleveland

The Browns may have gotten the guys they wanted, but they didn’t manage the value well. They clearly love Mayfield but it seems not many others had him #1 on their board. The only threat were the Jets at #3, but if the Jets had Darnold and Mayfield on the board, I think they’d go Darnold. It’d be risky to move down but maybe worth a haul. Then there’s Ward, taken number 4, most drafts had he projected 8-12. Negotiate the board get assets and then give up less to get into the top-10.

The worst part is they had over 100 days to decide on their pick and GM, John Dorsey, has “known for days”, yet still takes the full 10 minutes to announce his pick. There’s always someone in a fantasy draft that uses their full time every pick. Those people should be banned from fantasy sports. This means two things to me 1) They’re not confident in Mayfield or 2) They were really hoping to shop this pick and wasn’t getting much traction.


Throwing mechanics? Never heard of em…

1). Goddell gets his feelings hurt

My favorite part of the draft has the be the very beginning, Goddell a man who care sabout his reputation so much that he walked out with “Boo-Buffers” in Dallas legends, Aikman, Staubach, and, Witten gets mercilessly booed. Keep booing, fans!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.27.24 PM


What about you? What were your favorite worst moments?

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