How Good Would Kawhi Look as a Sixer?


I hate to say it but it almost feels like destiny that Kawli ends up in Philly. How’s this sound to San Antonio? Fultz, Saric, LAL 1st this year, and filler. It’s not a star for a star, but it’s a disgruntled star for lots of potential. Fultz was coveted by loads of teams, Saric is raising his value every day and the Lakers should get a top-10 pick (if it doesn’t end up in Boston).

For the Sixers, imagine this. Embiid, Simmons, Kawhi, plus max cap space. Next season all three will be 27 or under. Here’s some FA next year, Durant, LeBron, George, Paul, Boogie, IT, and a ton of young restricted. Even if they don’t go max, Avery, Favors, Melo, Evans, JJ, Wade, Brook are less expensive guys.

What if, the Sixers sign Boogie at a max, and get KCP as a MLE.

Now they have Embiid, Cousins, Leonard, Covington, Simmons, McConnell, Holmes, plus retain Beninelli and Ersan.

The shortest player in the starting 5 would be Kwahi, and he can man up with almost anyone and the other 4 are almost interchangeable. It would be unlike a team we’ve ever seen. It would be the dream of “position-less basketball.” Simmons would be the not doubt ball handler, especially with Fultz gone, but any of the 5 can handle.

I can’t imagine the world is good enough for this to happen, but can’t we dream? How fun would that be!

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