Better Late Than Never 2018 1st Round NFL Mock Draft w/Trades! (Sorry I’ve been working on my dirt bike skills…)


*Heads up to all Readers. This is what I think will happen, not what I would do.

Round 1–Pick 1–Cleveland Browns

Josh Allen-QB Wyoming

The Browns do Brown things with this pick. Sure this kid has got a cannon for an arm, and he has done everything right preparing for this draft, but his lack of accuracy will eventually show when he’s the starter 2 years from now. I also think playing in the AFC North elements has a lot to do with this selection here. IMO Josh Allen is JaMarcus Russell without the bad attitude and off field concerns.

Round 1–Pick 2–Buffalo Bills (**TRADE ALERT**) Buffalo trades both first Round picks and more to NY Giants

Sam Darnold-QB USC

I think Buffalo will literally trade almost all their 2018 draft capital and maybe some of next years to get either Allen or Darnold. This trade will happen on draft day and possibly right before the draft starts. The Giants are in a tough spot. They have holes all over, and the chances of being at the 2nd overall pick again in the near future are obviously unknown. In the end however I think Buffalo makes the Giants an offer they just can’t refuse. I think Darnold has a chance to be a very good QB in the future. Think the 10-15 range. His ability to make plays on the run and under pressure will help him a lot in the NFL. He really needs to work on reducing his turnovers, especially the fumbles.

Round 1–Pick 3–NY Jets

Baker Mayfield-QB Oklahoma

The best-case scenario for the Jets is if the NY Giants keep their pick and take Barkley. If this happens Darnold falls to them at 3. However, in my mock this does not happen and the Jets go with Plan (B)aker Mayfield. Mayfield has the ability to extend plays like Darnold and is also quite accurate. However, his size and the fact that he played in a spread offense usually doesn’t translate well to the NFL. His attitude could be a good thing and a bad thing, and a lot will depend on if he could win over the locker room. IMO Mayfield is the most intriguing QB prospect in this draft.

Round 1–Pick 4–Cleveland Browns

Bradley Chubb-DL NC State

This would be an example on the Browns not doing Brown things. The thought of Chubb and Myles Garrett on the same DL scares the ever-living shit out of me as a Steelers fan. You simply cannot pass up the chance to get 2 young, possibly elite, pass rushers on the same line for years to come. I know how good Barkley is because I am also a Penn State fan, but with the 4th pick the value just isn’t there to take a RB. There are plenty of really good RB’s to be had early in the 2nd round. Chubb has all the right tools to be an elite pass rusher in the NFL very quickly.

Round 1–Pick 5–Denver Broncos

Quenton Nelson-OL Notre Dame

This is a home run pick for the Broncos. Quenton Nelson will be a perennial Pro Bowler for years and will bolster the Broncos OL for a decade. Again, I understand most will think Barkley, but you must think value in terms of these picks, especially for a team that’s used to winning. They did just release CJ Anderson, so honestly it was a tough call between Barkley and Nelson, but in the end, I went value over need. Also, this will be a highly sought after pick on Draft Day and I’m sure the trade offers will be rolling in. I think its 50-50 they keep this pick.

Round 1–Pick 6–Indianapolis Colts

Saquon Barkley-RB Penn State

This is another one of those picks I could easily see being traded. IMO the Colts may have the worst overall roster in all of football, even if Luck comes back. I think Barkley may be the only player, if available, that would prevent the Colts from trading this pick. The owner has made comments that he wants to draft a RB. Also, the Colts traded back already and gained a lot more draft capital for this year. Perhaps they had an inclination that Barkley would still be here at this pick through their internal research. I personally feel that Barkley is the best player in the draft.  There’s not much more I could say about this kid. On and off the field he will lead your Franchise. He’s a workout freak and has the first in, last out mentality. In a few years, we may be asking ourselves, how the hell did Barkley not get drafted #1 overall. Time will tell, but I really think he has face of the NFL potential.

Round 1–Pick 7–Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Derwin James-S Florida Sate

The first defensive secondary player to come off the board and it’s a good one. Derwin James is one of those rare hybrid players that could play multiple roles in a defense. He is a Defensive Coordinators dream. He could cover Tight Ends or a Slot Receiver! He could Blitz and he can play center field. He is also a solid open field tackler. Great pick for TB!

Round 1–Pick 8–Chicago Bears

Tremaine Edmunds-LB Virginia Tech

Tremaine Edmunds is currently on 19 years old! He has the athleticism that’s the current GM of the Bears loves. Captures and finishes as a tackler at highly efficient rate. Tremaine has the opportunity in the future to be one of the best LB’s in the league. Captures and finishes as a tackler at highly efficient rate. Think Shazier 2.0.

Round 1–Pick 9–SF 49ers

Roquan Smith-LB Georgia

With the uncertainty of Reuben Foster’s future in the NFL, the pick of Roquan Smith becomes even more necessary. I was debating between CB Denzel Ward and Roquan, but in the end, went Roquan out of need and the fact Roquan is absolute beast at LB. Speed demon who walks down backs looking to race him to the corner. Laser-sharp focus when finding the football and tracking down RBs. Plays with discipline and is an excellent tackler!

Round 1–Pick 10–Oakland Raiders

Denzel Ward-CB Ohio State

I really struggled with this pick, because I honestly have no idea what the hell Jon Gruden will do. I could easily see him going DL Vita Vea or even OL Mike McGlinchey. In the end, I went with Ward based off need and the fact that the two best LB’s in this draft are already off the board. If LB Treamine Edmunds or Roquan Smith are available then I 100% expect them to make that pick. With Ward the Raiders get that lockdown corner they desperately need.  Ward allowed just over 32 percent completions over the last two years. He’s an absolute ballhawk as well.

Round 1–Pick 11–Miami Dolphins

Josh Rosen-QB UCLA

In my opinion Josh Rosen falls because of his personality and injury concerns. However, I do believe Rosen is the most NFL ready QB right now. This pick makes a lot of sense to me because of the current Coaching staff at Miami. Adam Gase works well with Jay Cutler. Seems like a perfect match to me. Rosen is extremely confident and intelligent. He is excellent at back shoulder throws and puts great touch on the ball.

Round 1–Pick 12–NY Giants (Trade with Buffalo)

Mike McGlinchey-OL Notre Dame

The Giants dropped out of the QB arms race to obtain more draft capital. By doing this they obtain the 12th pick in this year’s draft and take OL Mike McGlinchey. The Giants OL was absolutely terrible last year, so the opportunity to draft a future LT for years to come at 12 is too tempting to pass up. McGlinchey is a very fluid athlete. He is experienced and successful in gap and zone schemes and can play either tackle spot.

Round 1–Pick 13–Washington Redskins

Minkah Fitzpatrick-DB Alabama

There’s always one great prospect that falls based a variety of reasons and this year I think it will be Minkah Fitzpatrick. Washington gets a steal here at 13. Minkah can play a multitude of roles. He is an effective blitzer and can run with wideouts.  Could end up being one of the top defensive players selected in this draft eventually.

Round 1–Pick 14–NE Patriots (***TRADE ALERT**) NE trades the #23 overall pick and a 2nd round pick to Green Bay

LaMar Jackson-QB Louisville

The Patriots are full of drama right now. Whether SPORTS! The Website contributor Keaton DeRocher wants to believe it or not! I completely believe the ESPN story about the internal conflict over Jimmy Garoppolo. And if you hadn’t noticed there is an absolute media war between the TB12 Camp(Brady and Gronk) and the Head Coach Bill Belichick. I believe Kraft initiated the trade demand, but Bill had some requirements before he signed off on it. 1. He could trade Jimmy G. to whoever he wanted to ensure he got into the right system with the right Coach. There are several reports Bill loved Jimmy G. 2. He was allowed to draft a QB in this year’s draft. LaMar Jackson is that QB, and the only way to ensure who get him is to trade to this exact spot. There is no way he gets past the Cardinals and the Ravens. With LaMar you get the physical ability and moments of elite-level pocket presence. His accuracy is good, not great. He also has that flick of the wrist release with an above average deep ball.

Round 1–Pick 15–Arizona Cardinals

Kolton Miller-OL UCLA

I could honestly see Arizona trading back. There roster is full of holes and they need to start rebuilding immediately. However, I have them sticking with their pick here and taking the 2nd best tackle in the draft. Kolton Miller is tackle prospect exuding athleticism. An above average pass-blocker who plays with balance and uses his long limbs well. He needs to work on his run game blocking but the tools are there.

Round 1–Pick 16–Baltimore Ravens

Calvin Ridley-WR Alabama

The Ravens have the worst WR core in football. This pick simply comes down to that and just makes the most sense to me. Ridley is a consistent WR with top-level quickness off the line and at the top of his route stem. He just knows how to get open and could be a QBs best friend. I wouldn’t be shocked if they go QB here and take the last left, which in my mock would be Mason Rudolph. If Lamar Jackson is still here I 100% believe they will take him.

Round 1–Pick 17–LA Chargers

Vita Vea-DT Washington

I wouldn’t be shocked if Vita Vea is gone by this point. I could see him going as high as 10 to the Raiders. The Chargers have a chance to be a top 5 defense next year and I think Vea is the missing piece to that puzzle. He possesses a ton of upside with his athletic ability at the position, and I think he helps this team more than any other prospect available at this point

Round 1–Pick 18–Pittsburgh Steelers (***Trade Alert***) Steelers trade the #28 overall pick and their 3rd Round pick to the Seahawks

Leighton Vander Esch-LB Boise State

With the injury to Ryan Shazier, and the unknown if he will ever play again, the need for a talented ILB is an absolute must. When Shazier went down, the Steelers defense fell apart. The window is closing for the Steelers to win it all with their current core, and a move like this is a must to ensure we have a shot. The Steelers rarely trade up, but I believe LVE has the ability and upside the Steelers covet at this position and has a chance to be an outstanding LB in the NFL. LVE is 6’5 256 and can still fly to the ball. He has  immense athletic gifts. His straight-line speed is outstanding, and he’s relatively smooth when changing directions. As a Steelers fan this is a dream pick, and one I could actually see happening. However, I do not see LVE making it past picks #19 Dallas–#25 Titans. So, if the Steelers want him they are going to have to trade up for him.

Round 1–Pick 19–Dallas Cowboys

DJ Moore-WR Maryland

After the release of Dez Bryant, a top end WR is a must. Moore is a make-you-miss wideout in running back body. Excellent when tracking the football and the athleticism and strong hands to reel in tough catches.

Round 1–Pick 20–Detroit Lions

Marcus Davenport-DE UTSA

This was another really tough one to mock. I could easily see Detroit going OL, but in the end, I went with a DE with a ton of upside. Davenport has a wide array of pass-rushing moves and can win with speed and bend around the corner. Decent point-of-attack strength too. This guy could be a steal at this pick when it’s all said and done.

Round 1–Pick 21–Cincinnati Bengals

James Daniels-C Iowa

Cincinnati is in desperate need for a center and the best zone blocker not named Quenton Nelson in this draft is James Daniels. He has rare mobility to get around and seal.  This is a need the Bengals must address.

Round 1–Pick 22–NY Giants (Trade from Buffalo)

Jaire Alexander-CB Louisville

Jaire could end up being the best CB in this draft. He has exceptional mirroring skills.  He drives rapidly on the football and is aggressive at the catch point. He also plays bigger than his smaller stature. He can be great in a variety of coverages due to football IQ and athleticism.

Round 1–Pick 23–Green Bay Packers (Trade from NE)

Will Hernandez-OL Texas El-Paso

Will Hernandez is a scary man and a perfect fit for the Green Bay Packers at OG. He is an absolute monster and extremely strong. Counter moves don’t phase him, and he possesses a heavy anchor.

Round 1– Pick 24–Carolina Panthers

Courtland Sutton-WR SMU

Another team that needs to desperately upgrade their WR corp. Courtland could help this team immediately and contribute quickly. He is a tall, muscular athlete who’ll instantly be a consistent deep threat in the NFL. Perfect WR for Cam Newton.

Round 1– Pick 25–Tennessee Titans

Rashaan Evans-LB Alabama

Having missed out on LVE to the Steelers I believe the Titans will pick the next best LB prospect still available with Rashaan Evans. Rashaan is quick to the football and diagnoses a play quickly. He also has the ability to pass rush.

Round 1– Pick 26–Atlanta Falcons

Taven Bryan-DL Florida

This seems like a perfect fit too me. Taven Bryan’s play style and the Atlanta defensive scheme are just a match made in heaven. If he improves his consistency over time he could easily be an All-Pro one day.  He has great size, athleticism, hand-use combination, and is strong against the run.

Round 1–Pick 27–NO Saints

Mike Gesicki-TE Penn State

The show Mike Gesicki put on at the combine and pro-day are what propel him into the 1st Round. He is the perfect fit for the Saints offense and will contribute Day 1. Smooth in his release and is able to run more complex patterns.  Gesicki was a prep standout in volleyball and basketball with the leaping and timing to prove it.

Round 1–Pick 28–Seattle Seahawks (Trade from Steelers)

Josh Jackson-CB Iowa

This pick is great scheme fit for the Seahawks. He is the ideal prospect to replace Richard Sherman. He was a lockdown, ballhawking corner last year at Iowa. He has a fantastic combination of length, zone awareness and ball skills.

Round 1–Pick 29–Jacksonville Jaguars

Hayden Hurts-TE South Carolina

Jacksonville desperately needs a TE, and I think Hurst is the right fit based on the fact that he’s the best blocker out of the top 3. He has good hands and above average speed that can stretch the middle of the field.

Round 1–Pick 30–Minnesota Vikings

Isaiah Wynn-OL Georgia

This is an absolute steal IMO. The rich get richer. He can play in any scheme and his ability to stay on balance and stonewall rushers should make him a reliable starter for many years.

Round 1–Pick 31–NE Patriots

Harold Landry-EDGE Boston College

There is a lot of debate on whether Harold Landry will be good in the NFL. However, with this shallow pass rushing class and Landry’s ability to flash speed and bend around the corner, it’s worth the chance at this spot.

Round 1–Pick 32–Philadelphia Eagles

Derrius Guice-RB LSU

This is a complete luxury pick by the Eagles. The Eagles are absolutely loaded and can take pretty much whatever they want here. This would also be a prime spot for someone to trade back into the 1st Round and snag QB Mason Rudolph, DL Da’Ron Payne, or DL Maurice Hurst. With Guice you are getting a feature-back  with a ton of strength. Guice also has great vision and balance.


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  1. Welcome to the team! Good article, well thought out. I do think your steelers would have to give up more than a 3rd to move up that far. But I think they’ll pay what it takes to get him, he’d be a great fit. And I don’t think Keaton’s Pats will take Jackson, but all the stuff about the drama is STOP ON.

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    • LOL! Awesome! Glad you liked it! Its def gonna be a fun draft. Its been awhile since within the top5 we still have no clue what will happen.


  2. Damn I should of waited until today to do my Mock! My how things have changed within 24 hours! Darnold now the #1 pick….Giants will not trade the #2 pick and now it looks like Barkley. Jets thinking Rosen! Either way its only 3 days away!!!!


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