The 2018 NFL draft could be like the movie “Draft Day” except not terrible.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 1.03.34 PM

With 4-6 first round QBs, this will be one of the more unpredictable NFL drafts we’ve seen in a long time. If you’ve been paying attention, the experts and mocks have QBs going all over the 1st round and projected trades like you wouldn’t believe.

With the 1st and 4th overall picks in pocket, the Browns have the draft in their hands.

So if I was running the Browns what would I do?

First thing? Ask for a raise! Jkjk. This could be a big moment to set up a franchise for a long time.

With the first pick, you HAVE to take a QB. I don’t care how good you think Barkley and Chubb are, QB is the most important position in sports and you’ve got to lock it down. I was way ahead in the potential to draft 2 QBs, but with all the teams salivating over QBs you’ve got to make your move.

I hear the Browns like Josh Allen, he’s not my favorite but if he’s who the Browns have pegged as the top QB take him!


  • Why does Allen seem like a Cutler/Rivers hybrid to me

Ok. You have QB locked down. Now a lot can happen with picks 2 & 3. If I were the Giants, I’d take a QB, but word has them looking at Barkley, Chubb, or other positions of need. Maybe they’ll even trade down. And the Jets are without a doubt taking a QB, I hear Baker Mayfield, but if Darnold is still there it will be a tough decision.

Worst case scenario, 3 1st round QBs will be available and Barkley who is scouted as a generational talent and Chubb who is projected to be a game changer on the defensive line. If the Browns don’t trade down they could take Chubb and put him across from Myles Garrett and have a Texans-esque D-line, or they could take Barkley to give some relief to their offense. But the Browns have too many holes to fill. To me, the biggest need is offensive tackle, defensive line, and secondary. Receiver and running back are fine but wouldn’t hurt to bring in a another weapon.


  • Hopefully it’s not THIS Chubbs who seems to have a JPP problem.

So first step. Trade 4th overall and 114 to the Bills for 12 and 22. A lot can happen between 4 and 12. but we know 1,3, & 4 would all be QBs in this scenario. 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 are all teams with young QBs, so they could trade down but with QBs rising, all the other elites at their positions are dropping. With 3 QBs going, I could see the rest of the top 9 being Barkley, Chubb, Nelson (one of the highest rated Gs in a long time), Fitzpatrick, Smith, James, in no order. After these are all gone, the Darnold watch is starting, he’s been dropping for a lot of teams. The Cardinals will be looking for a QB, and maybe the Patriots will be looking for their next QB. The Cardinals may wait til 15 and look for Lamar Jackson. But if Darnold is still on the board at 12, I’d see if the Patriots would move 23 and 31 for 12 and 65. The Pats would take Darnold here.

Not only would the Browns now have Allen, plus picks 22, 23, 31, 33, 35 remaining in the 1st 2 rounds but it would take the Pats out of using a late round pick on Kyle Lauletta who the Browns should take as a developmental QB as a backup plan. Similar to the Skins drafting RGIII and Cousins in the same draft.

Now at 22 and 23 the Browns can address the lines. Hopefully Devenport (he can lineup opposite Garrett), Kolton Miller, Connor Williams, Mike McGilnchey (all three can anchor your line) or Jaire Alexander are still on the board. Depending on how many are still on the board, I’d take two, or if all are on the board, trade down some more.

So if all goes to plan, the Browns have Allen, McGilnchey, and one of the tackles in the 1st round. And 31 can be whichever tackle drops. You don’t necessarily want two rookie tackles protecting a rookie QB but as they get up to speed, and as Allen does, the Browns have Tyrod running for his life. Sutton would be someone to eye at 31 if none of the OT drop. Now with high 2nd rounders, this is what I love to do, shop em! If anyone you love is there, that’s great, but every year you see smart teams like the Pats trade 2s for a 5th and a 1st in the following year. If they can turn each of their 2nds to 1sts in 2019 they’d get 3 1st next year as well. That will give them a year to evaluate what else they need around their growing core.

So now the Browns have their QB of the future (and a project QB), A solid OL, good WRs, and decent RBs and TEs on offense. Solid (can be great) DL, good LBs. All they’ll need is secondary help, which maybe they will address in the next rounds with all their other picks. They also have Tyrod, cap space, and 3 1st in 2019.

Not a bad start. But still a long way to go…


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