What can the Mets do at catcher?


With their top two catchers on the DL so early in the season what can the Mets do?

d’Arnaud has a partial tear of his UCL and Plawecki has a fracture on his hand. There are two replacement candidates that are just prime for the taking. Blake Swihart and J.T. Realmuto are both on teams with no need for them. The values are different but they’re useful for the Mets in different ways.

In Realmuto, they have a bonafide starting catcher that they can lock in every day. He’s one of the better offensive catchers in baseball. But they’d have to give up a few better prospects out of their already weak system.

In Swihart, there are a lot more questions. Can he stay healthy? Can he last defensively? The real benefit for Swihart is his versatility. He can play plenty of positions, just none great. But what would it really cost the Mets?

Here’s a deal. Swihart for Ramos. Mets need a catcher and the Sox could use a reliever to get them through the 8th. Does the acquisition of Swihart make sense for the Mets? Here’s the benefit. If it gets to the point where he isn’t needed at catcher he can be a super utility with a still promising bat.

Here’s what they should really do. Aquire both! Realmuto and Ziegler for Cecchini and Gsellman and Swihart for Ramos. In this scenario Realmuto starts and Swihart is the backup and fills in the lineup at other positions. Both these catchers are under control for years. A dark horse candidate is Sandy Leon.

Seems to me like all the teams benefit.

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